The White Star Difference!

White Star Tours ... a better tour, a better value!

Experienced travelers know that all tours are not created equal. At White Star Tours, we have more than 46 years of experience putting together unique excursions to the most popular places in the world, from Branson to Bermuda to Barcelona.

What makes our tours better? It's not any one thing, it's everything:

  • The White Star DifferenceThe quality of the lodgings we choose, and their proximity to the best attractions. Why spend hours each day shuttling back and forth to the hotel?
  • The number and quality of attractions. More interesting stops and shows per trip to make your tour more enjoyable and memorable.
  • The number and quality of meals. Enjoy our plentiful hot breakfasts, not just danish and coffee day after day.
  • Our licensed, personable and knowledgeable tour guides, dedicated to helping you. get the most from your visit.
  • The best rates in the industry, thanks to our tremendous buying power. Apples to apples, our prices can't be beat; If our price is higher, it's because there's more to our tour.
  • And, most important, the ability to customize your trip to the preferences and interests of your group. Why pay for an attraction that your group won't enjoy just because it's part of a package?

While some travel companies lock you in to a set list and number of attractions, White Star can customize your trip, from the number of days to the number of attractions, including great stops along the way. And at an all-inclusive price that makes a White Star tour the best value in the industry.

Find out why so many of our customers are repeat customers. Check our latest tours, or talk with one of our tour consultants at 1-800-437-2323.